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Race Day

RACE DAY: December 2, 2017

Race Day Parking & Shuttles

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We will have plenty of parking at the Miccosukee Indian Village (marked in purple on the map). The parking lot will open at 4:00am. We’ll shuttle runners and spectators from the Village to the Shark Valley Visitor’s Center (marked in blue), where we will have runner recovery after the race. The shuttles will start running at 5:00am and continue going back and forth between the Village and Visitors Center for spectators and runners.

Runners should plan to board the shuttles no later than 6:00am so that they have ample time to get to the start line.


Once runners are dropped off at the visitor’s center, they’ll pick up their bibs in the parking lot if they need to. Then they’ll walk about 3/4 of a mile to the start line where we’ll have coffee, hot chocolate, and gear check! Runners are free to linger at the Visitors Center, but will need to begin walking to the start line no later than 6:15am.

Once runners have finished the race, they will have about a 1/2 mile cool-down walk to the Visitors Center. There, you’ll find runner recovery, the awards ceremony, and shuttles back to your car.

Race Day Details

4:30 AM – parking lot opens at Miccosukee Indian Village
5:00 AM – shuttles begin running to the Shark Valley Visitors Center
5:15 AM – raffles begin at the start line (one every five minutes)
6:00 AM – all runners must be shuttled to the Visitors Center
6:15 AM – runners still at the visitors center must begin walk to the start line
6:45 AM – runners line up/last call for gear check.
7:00 AM – race starts!
9:45 AM – awards ceremony starts.