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Clubs and Trifecta

We like to encourage our runners to get out and enjoy the area where we hold our races, so we designate certain challenging and iconic activities to be a part of our official club hikes and trifecta.

Prize Change: Due to expressed concerns from the parks, we will no longer offer the 50% and 20% discount to those who complete a club or the trifecta. We will still continue with the clubs and trifecta, but instead will be sending those who complete the challenge an awesome piece of memorabilia. We’re still hammering out design and details, but we’ll announce as soon as it’s finalized. We will be honoring the discount for anyone who completed a club or the trifecta in 2016.

Club Hikes

We have currently designated two club “hikes” (you could say they’re more of activities) for our inaugural race: the Slough Slog and Canoe/Kayak to Ten Thousand Islands! View details on each club hike below.

We know that these two activities are a bit limiting, so we’re still looking for a third hike or activity. If we decide on one, we’ll update this page. If we don’t, consider the Trifecta if you’re uncomfortable with the hikes.

What do I get? Any runners that take the challenge and complete one of the designated hikes within 72 hours of running the race will be given a commemorative medallion! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself at the designated location which includes:

1) A clear view of your face

2) Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible

3) Your finisher medal in plain view

4) Clear background showing where you are

Keep in mind that these activities (particularly the Island Club) have a risk factor! Make sure you pack plenty of water, do your research, and be responsible! If you’re not in physical condition to complete these activities, please consider the Trifecta instead.

Airboat Club

everglades_florida_11There is a reason this area was nicknamed, “River of Grass”. As water moves through the Everglades, it causes the sawgrass to ripple like green waves. One of the best ways to see this is via an airboat ride. Take an airboat ride and explore all what the Everglades area has to offer (make sure your photo is of you while on the boat).

Note: Most of the nearly 2400 square miles of Everglades National Park is managed as a wilderness area and Airboats are prohibited in these parts of the park. We suggest an airboat ride from the Miccosukee Indian Village. Alternative airboat operators can be found along Tamiami Trail (US 41) near Naples, Everglades City, and Miami.


Slough Slog Club

slough slogThe Slough Slog is a guided tour through the River of Grass! This is your chance to get up close and personal with the Everglades and walk among the wildlife- safely, with a Park Ranger. In order to participate, you must bring water; sturdy, close-toed, lace-up shoes; and long pants. You also need to make a reservation. Reservations can only be made a month in advance, so we’ll post a link here when we get closer to race weekend.

Where do I take my picture? Be sure to bring or wear your bib and medal on the Slough Slog! Take your picture in the middle of the tour when you’re in the water.


Island Club

Kayaking_in_Ten_Thousand_Islands,_NPSPhoto_(9101484662)To join the Island Club, you’ll need to canoe or kayak to Ten Thousand Islands, via the Sandfly Island Loop. This loop is less about the swamp and more about the open water and the isles nearby. It’s about 5 miles and will take between 2.5 and 4 hours, depending on you skill and how long you spend in the islands. You’ll need to rent a canoe and any equipment from a local business (there are lots!) and then go to the Gulf Coast Visitor Center in Everglades City. You’ll launch from the canoe ramp there. You can find more info here and at the Visitor Center. Don’t forget a map!

Where do I take my picture? Be sure to bring or wear your bib and medal on your canoe trip! Take your picture in the canoe, once you’re among the islands!


The Everglades Trifecta

Our race trifectas are comprised of 3 different activities. The Trifecta is meant to be challenging, but less strenuous.

You must complete all 3 in order to complete the Trifecta. Same rules apply: take your picture at each of the 3 with your bib and finisher medal and send them to us 72 hours after finishing the race. Those who complete the Trifecta will receive a commemorative pin!


The three activities that make up the Everglades Trifecta are…

1) Take a Picture with a Gator!
trifecta - alligatorThis one is pretty self-explanatory. As you explore the Everglades, keep your eye our for alligators! Once you spot some, grab a picture with your bib and finisher medal with the alligator in the background. Be sure to stay at least 15 feet away. Remember that feeding or disturbing wildlife is illegal in Everglades National Park and Florida.

Where do I take my picture? Wherever you find alligators! Don’t forget your bib and finisher medal.

2) Walk the Anhinga Boardwalk Trail
trifecta - boardwalkWalk the short hike on Anhinga Trail– a pretty boardwalk hike that’s just under a mile roundtrip. It winds through sawgrass and you’ll get to see lots of wildlife as you walk! The trail starts from the Royal Palm Visitor Center in the park.

Where do I take my picture? Anywhere on the boardwalk will do! Don’t forget your bib and finisher medal.

3) Swim in Biscayne
trifecta - biscayneOn the east side of Everglades National Park, near Miami, is a National Park that is almost completely underwater! Biscayne National Park is famous for it’s snorkeling. While we don’t expect you to snorkel (though, bonus point if you do) we would like you to go swim in Biscayne Bay!

Where do I take my picture? Anywhere in the water, but make sure you’re swimming (no ankle-deep pictures please). Don’t worry- your race bib is waterproof.